Our Produce is Locally Grown

Our supply changes daily ....We are pleased to offer the freshest produce and fresh seafood for our community. Our goal is to save you time & money, while providing healthier options for your family.


Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm &
Sunday 11:00am-4pm

800Hand Farm Market Sign

Farm Box available for pickup Saturday between 11AM-6PM

***$30 Cash***  (add $2 for card)

Baking Potatoes,  Tomato

Oranges, SC Peaches

Romaine Lettuce, Onion

Squash & Cucumber



1 lb. of Shrimp

1 dozen Clams

1 Pieces of Sausage

Lemon and Lime

2 lbs.  of Red Potatoes

4 Boiled Eggs, Onion

Old Bay Seasoning

** Steam Pot Included

Add-Ons Available…corn, crab legs, extra shrimp, etc.
New Selections are Added Daily/Weekly

All prices are subject to change at any time based on availability, supply & demand for seasonal products


We Have An Array Of Local Items


Decorative, as well as a healthy options, produced locally for your family.

Local Honey & Homemade Jellies

Fresh, Local Honey, Preserves & More - selections may vary


And More....

We also have a variety of seasonal plants/flowers.

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